Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lost time..

I just like the title no specific reason to it.
So, a sem is coming to an end really soon and here I was complaining when I first came down to KL and change, I'm still complaining and I have lots to complain about but currently not in the mood to write it out now.

Things have changed but not much, still in the acceptable range.

I have set a resolution for the last month of 2008, that is, TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY POOL PROPERLY!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why -lah so lazy???

Look! So lame man last updated on 21st then now, 10th only the next update. I shall just summarise it;

I have my callsign already 9w2EDC yay!!!
Holidays is coming!!
Exams are coming sob!!
I'm going back home again this weekend!!

hmmmm what else... I shall put it down when I remember... hmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My day

Well judging from my last post it's exactly 11 days since I last updated.
The reason I don't update very often is simply because, I do not have enough privacy to do it, that's all but then again since today is a very special day to me I decided I shall be a little vain and feel good about being here and all but first I must play this song and dedicate it to myself;

though it isn't really suitable so here's another 1,

ahhhhh they're really good.

Now, for the vain part
I shall be vain and declare that,
  1. the world has been more fun with me on it
  2. The world has become prettier since I'm here
  3. The world has recovered from a long 'sickness' aka global warming due to my efforts in
  • Send a green patch in Facebook,
  • I do my very best to inform others about the importance of saving papers and,
  • I try to take action everytime I see an open burning
  • Actually it's a rather longs list but somehow, I can't recall all
hmm how do I get no.4 back?

4. I have brought a little glee and laughter to the people around me especially very very close
5. I have been a very person, spreading my love and loving my dearest Ree Nee to the max

I guess I should have 20 things in this list since I'm 20 now

6. I have been a very law abiding person in our country. (sounds lame)
7. I have been in a part of a life saving operation,
8. I have been a great listener,
9. I have achieved my short term goal(s)
10. I have been really thrifty
11. To the people that hates me; just hate me I don't mind (self-forgiving achieved)
12. I have managed to stay as myself up to do date (I'm actually running out of things to put in
the list).
13. I think I have managed to put a smile to people around me all the time usually.
14. For being able to keep this blog for a year?
15. Believing in people I know I can and should believe in (I hardly trusts people in case you
don't know).
16. I KNOW! I managed to live by myself and being independant during my 3 months period in
17. I managed to savour some of the food that I never did.
18. I've found out my body limit (is that even being vain?).
19. I've learnt a really valuable lesson this year.
20. I've found some really good people that are really my friends that are worth thinking of
once in a while.

I think I suck really bad at being vain, some of the things doesn't even imply that I'm being vain..crap.. I need to learn how to be vain already.
But then again who cares?


I forgot to add, all I wish for my birthday is... not be's as simple as that.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Though this post has nothing to do with the title I just wanna put that, it's..pretty much describing me now...
It's been a month plus since I started my studies, things haven't been great though not bad..just not great. Mid term is around the corner...very corner actually but..somehow I couldn't be bothered but then again, I think I need this, it'll pretty much define where and what I'll be doing after this year but I know, I must not slack now it's too much if I just slack off now so I'm gonna do my best for all this for now

Go Go Go!

Ree Nee has also came down here to KL starting very soon been rather hectic this few days helping her settling down being sick myself.. *cough**cough* with occasion dizzy spells but don't worry, I'll manage :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time.. An Endless Space

That is a rather profound title but, I like it so sue me!
If you've been reading the newpapers (I can't see why you haven't) there is quite a few talks of sueing arond going on, seems like the hype for now, perhaps I should get into some sueing mood as well but then again, who really cares?

It's been exactly a month since I got here, classes has been rather boring, and..there always seem to be a few things bothering me everytime but I shalln't talk more about it, I prefer it to be a piece of memory or rather, fragments of memories.

I think I've gotten thinner again, pants that would normally fit me is not anymore, nor are my shirts, it all seems baggy and loose and I hate baggy-ness.

I really feel like I should talk more but... I don't know.. I've gotten for quiet recently compared to before, friends back at home would notice but...
That's all...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Settling Down

So, here I am again after my trip back to Penang for a few days, sorting out things and packing the remainder of my stuff but, before I continue, below is a snippet of a blog entry which I was typing on before I felt somebody was breathing down my neck;

"I'm writing on the bus back to KL, back to classes and learning I suppose and since the bus I'm on has power ports,
I decided to make good use of it, I won't get to post this on the go since I'm lacking a wireless broadband but
the very least is that I typed this and saecd it to be posted on a later date.
When I was down at KL last week, I wasn't thoroughly ready as I expected the classes to start on a later date as
stated on the stupid letter but then again, everything was new but not all was exciting. "

At this very moment, I think the ladies behind me were looking at my laptop already so I stopped.

A lil something about my life so far,
Things haven't been exactly smooth sailing but then again I think I'm doing pretty well though sometimes do feel like giving up on what I'm doing...
Just in case you're wondering what am I talking about, it's about myself,
I try very hard not to like a place I'm at which I'm spending a lot of my time which is, the almighty KL.

I think it's due to the fact that I'm afraid I'll like this place more and thus, forgetting what do I have back at home but then again, a lil hate and a lil love is nice so far, I'm learning how to balance it.
Oh well..class starts early tomorrow and I feel damn ugly with all the zits!
So sleep earlier if you're supposed to be asleep but not

Monday, August 25, 2008

Start of a new story

So, here I am in my room in HELP just started class today, orientation was last week and I've been here for 5 days time flies.
I'm getting used to the things here except probably the price of things here and...sometimes do feel a lil lonely.
But all hope's nt lost, for I am coming back this weekend to settle few more things like...I freaking passed my RAE!! So that means the next step is getting a license now,
Classes are ok though a lil smaller than I'd expected..only 11++ less than 15
oh well don't really know what to say but I'd like my readers (if there's any) to know;

Stay positive, even at the toughest moment, even at the moment that all hope's gone. The first step to being positive is; Smile :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A motion!

Ok as many of you knew, PC Fair ended today and I admit, I was among the few that went every single day without fail (yes, I know, a freak)
and today was the last day and also the worst day!
So in accordance and for everybody's comfort in the next PC Fair 4 months later,

I hereby proposes,

That all those who's waistline aboves 36" SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE THE HALL!

For those of you who are wondering why, it was because I was actually sexually harassed! Every inch of my precious body had not failed to be touched by god know how many people and to make matters worse. these 'accused' are like big boulders! Blocking those already narrow walkways those....those...blithering IDIOTS!

so, I hereby files a motion that they should not be allowed in!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Freak accident

In case you didn't read the papers yet, there was a horrific accident that happened at the Cheras-Kajang highway and 1 of the casualty was a bomb squad specialist which he died on the spot and the irony is that he risks his life defusing bombs but his life ended on the highway..

RIP Kpl Mohd Nuh Ali.

Just haven't updated the blog in a while and this happened so just wanna post a little about it anyhow here's the link to the news article

Monday, July 21, 2008


You know when people say that another person is emo do you really know what it means to use the word?

Emo = being emotional e.g sad, depressed, crappy and all the bad stuff

so now you know the real meaning, the next time you see a person wearing all black with those long fringed hair along with spiky bracelets,

they're not emo!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Because a lot of people said Hancock sucked, I decided to write something about it;
But be warned of SPOILERS!!!

We went Hancock-ing yesterday and the at the start of the movie,
you are greeted with a sight of a drunk black man sleeping on a bench by a shop!
That's very negative now no?

Anyway, I'll just talk about the moral of the show, John had to sacrifice one thing which is being close to the only person like him because he wants the very best for that person.

Can you do something like that? Staying away from the person that's like you or the person that you're comfortable with because it'll mean the world to that person... It's actually very sad.
Hmm.... Don't know what to say anymore so I'll stop here then..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beginning of the Ending

The title is rather dramatic no? Anyway, people around me left to pursue their higher studies/to a path of new freedom or whatever you call it and seriously I'm rather sad thinking about it but still aren't we suppose to be happy for the people we love and care if they're doing something they like doing and are happy?

It sounds easy but it's very very very hard to do.
I don't think I wanna go on anymore but to "you know who you are"

I Miss You

even though you've just left for a few days but the mark you've left in my heart feels like it's been scarred all over again.

I can only hope and pray and pray harder for your well being and the smoothness of the path that God has laid for you, and for me...

"You know who you are", I also pray that you'll never forget me as I'll never forget you.

Actually there's alot to say but I can only put this much onto words as I'm still...wordless cant change how I feel into words.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So, I came home and bla bla bla bla shan't delve deeper into this nothing much happened which I wanna talk about. This post is gonna be about as per title.

Well everyone's going their own ways now and after the coming weekend almost everyone will be scattered around. It's a good thing for these people as it means a step closer to making their dreams come true but..

do you know that some people might miss you a lot? Even though you might the know the person for a year or 2 but somehow someway you have left a mark in their heart which is gonna be there forever whether you like it or not.

Personally I feel that way, people that were close to me are leaving soon and I'm not gonna be some meanies to tell them they shouldn't leave or anything negative but I do hope they realize they are quite important to me in this stage of life now and I'll always pray for their best all I hope for is to be able to stay in their hearts and minds e.g not forgotten.. that's all I ask from you...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coming home

It is finally coming to an end
I'm coming home on Thursday
Can't wait to see you guys,
been missing you lots like mad
shortest post ever:

I'm coming home

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Oopz so long I didn't update my blog.
I'm still here in lonely-land if you're wondering still working my ass off recently was Labour's day... THAT WAS MY DAY!
My work sucks, traveling to and fro work sucks as it's actually quite expensive soon it'll be end of June but I've already set my mind to come back to Penang on end of June, I've got a dinner with a close friend of mine so definitely must be back by then.
I wonder why I'm typing like this as in segmented sentences... hmm
Maybe cause long time didn't blog?
Well... one more thing,
Anyone miss me or not?